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STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect chambers used by AEP in France for greater speed of implementation and optimized logistics.

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Limours (91), France


ULTIMA Connect



Case Study

Cubis’ French team and distribution partner Hydroméca recently supplied a large 3200mm x 1200mm x 1800mm ULTIMA Connect chamber with AX-S™ composite cover system for a new residential area in Limours. The chamber is being used to house a new water hydraulic valve with remote meter reading capabilities.

The installed ULTIMA Connect modular chamber was chosen due to being lightweight, easy to install and flat packed delivery. The chamber, composite covers, and accessories were delivered on Euro pallets and ready for on-site assembly.

Prior to the installation, specification notes were supplied to highlight the mechanical performance of the chambers and provide technical recommendations to facilitate the installation process that would follow. The customer also utilised Cubis’ free BIM catalogue to integrate products into their digital models.

Installation Advantages

  1. Flat pack delivery: Reduced delivery requirements, unloading equipment and ease of handling components at remote site locations.
  2. Optimal safety: Lightweight products and reduced risk from heavy alternatives ensure safety requirements for installation teams.
  3. Rapid response: Reduced lead time, from 1 week upon receipt of standard order the chamber system was installed on-site.
  4. Speed ​​of installation: 12 ring sections of the chamber were assembled in less than 2 hours.

Long-Term Client Advantages

  • Ease of use: Greater clear opening accessibility to the hydraulic system within the chamber system.
  • Data transmission: Remote signal reading through Cubis' Smart AX-S™ composite access covers.
  • Chemical Resistance: The STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect product is manufactured from GRP that outperforms traditional construction methods for chemical resistance during its buried life, resulting in a product that offers a more sustainable and longer installed life.

To learn more about how the STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect range can be used within your project and see other examples of how it has been used across a wide range of sectors and applications, click here.

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