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Concrete Infill Cover

Concrete Infill covers offer flexibility in size and design. A wide range of sizes can be manufactured utilising multi-cover frames and there are options for bespoke customer badging. Covers can also be fitted with a range of locking features.

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Features & Benefits

Meets EN124 Loading Requirements

Meets requirements of BS EN124: 1994 (B125) Meets relevant European and British standards and is kitemarked for compliance.

Tapered Sides and Centralised Lifting Points

Cover leaves are tapered and possess lifting points in the centre, not the corner, of the cover. This allows one person to lift and slide the cover out.

No Inherent Scrap Value

Covers are not attractive to thieves. Stolen covers mean costs of replacement and of guarding open access chambers.

Slip Resistant

Slip resistance increases throughout product life cycle as product ages.

Long Lifespan

Concrete Infill access covers have long service life when installed, providing lower total life costs for the end user.

Bespoke Sizes Available

Can be manufactured in a large size range, using cross-beams and cross-pieces to build multi-cover units.

Locking Options

Spring-loaded cylinder locking mechanisms can be built into the cover, allowing for the covers to be locked securely. Locking keys can be adapted to suit the end user’s needs. This prevents access to the infrastructure network below.

Badged with Customer Information

Covers can be badged with information to allow for identification by operatives.

How it Works

A suitable frame with any additional cross pieces are fitted to the chamber top. The Concrete Infill cover(s) are then placed carefully into the frame.

Long Standing Approvals

Long Standing Approvals

Concrete Infill covers are the sole approved footway cover used by end users such as Openreach, Virgin Media and CityFibre.



Rolled Steel & Concrete

The frames, covers and cross pieces are manufactured from rolled steel section in compliance with BS1449 and galvanised in compliance with BS EN ISO 1461 . Individual covers are filled with concrete.

Available Sizes

Available Sizes

Concrete Infill covers are available in a range of standard sizes as well as available as bespoke covers. Cross-beams and cross-pieces can be used to build multi-cover units with options in security and badging.

Download our product size guide for access covers in order to gain more information on available sizes.

Load Rating

Load Rating

Concrete Infill covers are suitable for installation in environments rated to B125 under EN124.

Suitable for footways, pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or parking decks.

Options and Accessories

Concrete Infill can be supplied with the following accessories:

Customer Badging

Customer Badging

Bespoke customer details can be included in the badge for identification and awareness.



Access covers can be fitted with a bolt-down locking system to deter acts of vandalism. Standard keys are also available as well as flat head, penta head, offset circle and snake eye arrangements.



Composite access covers can be supplied with a number of frame options, including:

  • Raising
  • BLOK adjust
  • High Top
  • Composite

Discover more information in relation to Access Cover Frame Types.

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