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Access Covers for Shared Spaces

What are shared surfaces?

  • Areas where the demarcation between pedestrians and drivers is minimised.
  • Use deep paving materials rather than typical road construction materials.
  • Areas that have low speed limits.
  • Qualify as B125 areas because they feature slow moving traffic.

What happens when a B125 access cover is trafficked by vehicles?

Loading Weight (kg)
Maximum European Gross Vehicle Weight 44,000
Maximum European Axle Weight 11,500
Maximum Wheel Load (Axle Kg²) 5,570
Add: 10% for Overloaded Axle 575
Add: 15% for Dynamic Wheel Load 949
Add: 60% for Margin of Safety 4,364
Total Theoretical Wheel Load 11,638
Test Load of B125 Covers 13,750

This proves that B125 covers are suitable for use in any area subject to slow moving vehicle traffic including HGVs.

What happens to access covers in shared surface areas?

What happens to access covers in shared surface areas?

  • Truck turns onto access cover
  • Force from the power steering twists the cover out of the ground
The Solution

The Solution

  • Deeper frames with standard recessed cover tray (HomeZone).
  • Removes the need for a concrete fillet around the outside of the frame as deep blocks can be placed right up to the edge.
  • Filled covers can still be safely lifted by a single person.
  • In-house testing shows this design meets the loading requirements of B125.
  • Openreach approved solution for Homezone areas and shared spaces.

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