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What is Cable Protection?

What is Cable Protection?

What is Cable Protection?

Cable protection products within major infrastructure provide both underground and on ground protection to cables, reducing the risk of damage, harmful chemicals, theft, and the risk of trips and slips for operators. These products deliver greater sustainable benefits and allow for cost-effective installation in the management of cables. Whether installed alongside a railway track, substation or data centre, cable protection systems allow for the safe and secure distribution of power and communications. 

Digitalisation of Cable Protection

Our digital technical library (BIM) provides an advanced service that enables customers to explore, customise and familiarise themselves with the wide range of cable protection products we offer. The BIM Library has been developed to help designers quickly and seamlessly configure products, tailoring them to meet the exact needs of the project.

By creating greater accuracy at an early design stage, potential errors or risks can be avoided and the most energy efficient measures can be implemented throughout the project lifecycle; this helps to minimise negative environmental impact and eliminate waste.

Why is Cable Protection Important?


Exposed cabling is often subject to vandalism and greater general wear and tear. If left unprotected cables can become damaged causing accidents or loss of vital power and communications


Securing cables within cable protection products can significantly increase their longevity and performance, removing their exposure to rodent attacks, harmful chemicals, fire and UV/sunlight


Cable protection products offer a greater access to the cables within them. They can be easily accessed for maintenance, replacement or adding new cables


With secure lids on troughing or extra duct capacity within MULTIduct™ modern cable protection systems provide greater capacity for future developments and connections

The difference between Cable Troughing and MULTIduct™

Cable troughing like Cubis' PROtrough and MMtrough provide a cable protection and management solution that is installed in a shallow trench, with the top of the unit easily accessible whilst providing both high security and minimal disruption to the surrounding area. The Cubis range of troughing systems are manufactured from lightweight composite materials, resulting in them weighing under 20kg, offering significant health and safety advantages over traditional concrete troughing systems, that often weigh over 90kg.

Unlike cable troughing, MULTIduct™ has been designed to replace traditional plastic twinwall duct by combining multiple ducts into one single unit. These units are available with a range of duct spaces with 25% more capacity for cables than twinwall ducting. Buried underground, in much shallower and space reduced excavations, MULTIduct™ offers much greater time efficiencies for installation and environmental impacts with the use of as dug material and the need for larger, longer excavation times.

Used within a range of installation environments for the distribution of power and information, whether you need underground or on-ground cable protection systems, Cubis has the right solution for you. Speak to one of our technical experts today.

How Cable Protection can be utilised to offer greater sustainable solutions to your project

The use of modern materials to manufacture recyclable, lightweight, adjustable and space-saving products such as PROtrough and MULTIduct™ offers greater sustainable solutions for the protection of cables across a wide range of sectors and environments. Minimising the need for heavy lifting equipment during installation and maximizing shipping capacity with the aim to reducing the number of vehicles, offers a way to avoid excess carbon emissions. This is also enhanced with the range of benefits our products provide such as the reduced excavation and need for imported materials when installing MULTIduct™ due to its structural properties that allow for shallower burial depth and as dug material for backfill.

Achieving up to 100% recycled PP and 80-100% recycled HDPE within our products also limits the use of virgin materials throughout our manufacturing processes. Our goal is to create a closed loop recycling system whereby our products are recycled or reused in new products.

As a business we are dedicated to working responsibly, and our drive to manufacture and deliver sustainable products and solutions to our customers is at the forefront of our business. Our product range has been externally verified by The International EPD® System to provide an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) that summaries the environment impact of the product throughout their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Why Cubis' Cable Protection Products?


PROtrough is an innovative, lightweight, fire-retardant cable troughing system with a range of industry leading accessories that offers a modern alternative to traditional concrete troughing systems for rail, power and date centre markets.

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MULTIduct™ is a structural multiple duct cable protection system. Used in the construction of under road and rail crossings, tunnels, bridge overpasses and buried linear routes. MULTIduct™ offers an easily installed and sustainable solution.

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MMtrough is a lightweight system with a range of unique features and accessories. With bespoke locking options and A15 load rating under EN124 MM trough provides a secure and robust solutions for when limited space is available but on ground installation is required.

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RAILduct™ is a unique quick assembly system with it hook, twist and interlocking mechanism. With its large cable capacity and manufactured with both flexibility and adjustability on-site the RAILduct™ can be installed typically 5 times faster than traditional concrete troughing units.

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