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What is STAKKAbox™?

What are Network Access Chambers?

A network access chamber, manhole, pit, or vault as they are quite often referred to, forms part of the backdrop to our everyday lives. While often overlooked, they form a vital component within our cities, landscapes, and infrastructure.

The specialised nature of access chambers stems from the fact that they are usually designed to meet a particular requirement. Chambers that house cables are referred to as ‘draw pits’ due to the way in which the cables are fed through the ground between chambers. Rope and a fish tape ‘draws’ the cable along its designated path, with chambers positioned when changing direction, adding joints to extend the cable, branching off into a property or service, or if the path is too long and pulling the cables without a chamber would be too hard.

Water supplies also require regular underground access chambers to ensure that the pipes can be checked or the water turned off when necessary. This means chambers will often house water valves or meters for taking readings. One advantage of having regularly positioned access to pipes and water pressure measurements is that maintenance teams can easily identify where leaks or blockages are located.

Did You Know?

The STAKKAbox™ name denotes from the ability to stack the chamber sections one on top of the other. Simplicity, consistency, and ease of use for the installer!

What is STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ is Cubis’ extensive range of industry leading, environmentally sustainable network access chamber solutions. Internationally specified across a range of sectors, installations, and environments.

The STAKKAbox™ range provides modularity and scalability coupled with structural twin wall design to offer the most adaptable underground network access system for the installation and maintenance of major utilities. Designed to speed up installation, with its variability in size and lightweight components, a typical installation is significantly quicker than traditional methods, vastly reducing costs for the installer.

Why choose STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ access chambers are a minimum of 75% lighter compared to traditional concrete alternatives.

Used globally within a range of sectors, environments and weather conditions the STAKKAbox™ range of access chambers offers lightweight, structural, and scalable solutions for the access and management of underground cables and utilities networks.

Available in any size, they are easily installed on-site, either built in-situ or delivered pre-built. Stackable in 150mm sections, STAKKAbox™ access chambers can be built to the desired depth and extended by simply adding more sections. Designed to be adaptable onsite, the STAKKAbox™ range offers an added level of flexibility that cannot be achieved by traditional methods such as brick and concrete. With their ability to be drilled and cut for duct entries, overbuilding or benching is easily achieved around existing or new utilities with hand power tools.

Using STAKKAbox™ extensive range of accessories can save installers even more time, with a range of compatible steps, cable management, MULTIduct™ spigots, duct entries and chamber bases available.

Completing the access and security of underground utilities Cubis’ range of access covers seamlessly integrates with the STAKKAbox™ range, which has been designed to meet any size and load rating requirements from A15 to F900 under EN124 standards.

Features & Benefits of the STAKKAbox™ Product Range


Individual sections are lightweight, falling under 25kg in weight, making them suitable for a single person lift under manual handling regulations.

Modular & Scalable

The STAKKAbox™ access chamber range has been developed to easily be adapted to meet the needs of any underground utilities.


Suitable for meeting and exceeding installation environments rated from A15 to F900 under EN124 the STAKKAbox™ range is ideal for all areas of installation.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

With the material used being significantly lighter than other conventional materials that can provide the same inherent strength, the STAKKAbox™ range not only provides a lightweight yet strong product but also a fully sustainable solution.

Chemical Resistance

Manufactured from a range of materials STAKKAbox™ chambers outperform traditional construction methods for chemical resistance during buried life, resulting in products that offer a longer install life.

Flexibility in Construction

Providing the ideal solution for adaptability on-site during installation. Duct entries can be quickly and safely formed on site, with overbuilding or benching easily achieved around existing or new utilities.

Sectional and Twinwall Design

Chambers are built to the required depth by adding 150mm sections. Due to the twinwall design, each access chamber possesses vertical and horizontal ribs, resulting in a product that is strong both vertically and on the sidewall. For most applications, STAKKAbox™ chambers don’t require specialist backfills, reducing installation costs.

Smooth Outer Walls with Lip to ‘Key In’

Gaps in the outer wall will negatively impact the effectiveness of compaction around the chamber. STAKKAbox™ chambers have smooth outer walls and an outer lip that keys into the backfill.

How STAKKAbox™ can be Utilised to Offer Greater Sustainable Solutions to Your Project

How STAKKAbox™ can be Utilised to Offer Greater Sustainable Solutions to Your Project

The use of modern materials to manufacture recyclable, lightweight, adjustable, and space-saving products such as STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect offers greater sustainable solutions for accessing utilities within a range of sectors and environments. Minimising the need for heavy lifting equipment during installation and maximizing shipping capacity through its component parts, with the aim of reducing the number of vehicles, offers a way to avoid excess carbon emissions. This is also enhanced by the range of benefits the ULTIMA Connect provides, such as reduced excavation and the need for imported materials when installing large chambers due to their structural properties that allow for dug material for backfill and greater adjustability with in-situ duct entries being quickly and safely formed on site with hand power tools.

Achieving up to 100% recycled PP and 80–100% recycled HDPE within our products also limits the use of virgin materials throughout our manufacturing processes. Our goal is to create a closed-loop recycling system whereby our products are recycled or reused into new products.

As a business, we are dedicated to working responsibly, and our drive to manufacture and deliver sustainable products and solutions to our customers is at the forefront of our business. Our product range has been externally verified by The International EPD® System an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) that summaries the environmental impact of the product throughout their Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Access and Download our EPD's
Digitalisation of Access Chamber Systems - BIM

Digitalisation of Access Chamber Systems - BIM

Our digital technical library (BIM) provides an advanced service that enables customers to explore, customise, and familiarise themselves with the wide range of STAKKAbox™ products we offer. The BIM library has been developed to help designers quickly and seamlessly configure products, tailoring them to meet the exact needs of their projects. Creating greater accuracy at an early design stage means that potential errors or risks can be avoided and the most energy-efficient measures can be implemented throughout the project lifecycle; this helps to minimise negative environmental impact and eliminate waste.

Product Overview

STAKKAbox™ Access Chamber Systems Loading and Size Applications

Specified across a range of sectors, installations, and environments, the STAKKAbox™ access chamber range meets the requirements of customers globally. Here you will find a breakdown of the most common installation loading and size applications, which can be used as a general guideline. If you require support, guidance, or information regarding any STAKKAbox™ systems, our expert team are on hand to support your project needs and requirements.

Chamber Type Sector Application Recommended Application Recommended Size Range
Modula All A15-D400 300-900
ULTIMA All B125-F900 240-1500
ULTIMA Connect All B125-F900 600-infinite
RAPIDstack™ All B125-E600 450-2135
Hydrant Water A15-D400 230-600
Polyvault Rail A15-B125 470-2440
Carson Water A15-B125 150-1030
Fortress All A15-C250 450-1310
JMF Telecoms A15-C250 225-1310
Toby Telecoms A15-D400 150-150

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