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Project Dark Arches - Northern Ireland’s Railway Renewals

Case Study Details


Northern Irish Railways


Whiteabbey, Northern Ireland


MULTIduct™, PROtrough, STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect, AX-S™ Composite Cover


Rail and Light Rail

Case Study

Currently undergoing a huge infrastructure upgrade, substantial investment has been made as Northern Irish Railways complete major track renewals across the island.

Cubis Systems, the global leaders of the design and manufacture of network access products, has had the opportunity to work alongside the client, offering both industry knowledge and innovative products to provide the best possible solutions.

The ‘Dark Arches’ refers to a costal rail area, just north of the city of Belfast, where NI Railways have identified diminishing track quality due to poor underlying ground conditions and limited track drainage. The track section between Whiteabbey Station and the Whitehouse Park access point, is a dual track that runs for approximately 800 linear metres.

For project ‘Dark Arches’, work has involved track renewals, new track drainage solutions and updating Signalling and Telecommunications cable ducts along a total length of approximately 1600m.

Cubis Systems, with manufacturing sites based in the UK and Ireland, is proud to work alongside and supply to this major track renewal project. Cubis have had the privilege of working collaboratively across the extensive rail network within Northern Ireland through the channel of Clients, Designers, Contractors and Distributors. The collaborative approach taken by Cubis allows us to provide long-lasting, sustainable solutions to help future proof Northern Irish infrastructure.

For the track renewals taking place in Whiteabbey, Cubis has supplied systems combining cable protection items: MULTIduct™ and PROtrough, a lightweight, fire retardant cable troughing system. Also, STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect network access chamber products have been supplied to the Dark Arches. From compact delivery to easy installs, for this project, Cubis’ systems offer the perfect, complete solution.

As well as offering a lightweight, quick to install and push fit solution, MULTIduct™ provides the added benefit of having high strength properties enabling a much shallower burial depth. Furthermore, excavated material can be re-used during the re-installation, reducing the removal of on-site dug material saving time and reducing costs for the contractor.

One of the major contractors working on project Dark Arches highlighted that, “during a two-hour night shift, we have completed an installation of MULTIduct™ for over 120 meters, with only 7 workers and 2 machines”. Highlighting how quickly our products can be installed and how non-labour-intensive the installation is.

The products and services that Cubis offer have been designed with the customer in mind, and although we are proud to talk about our innovative range of products, we offer a service that goes beyond the manufacture of network access chamber products and cable protection systems.

The relationship that we have with our customers allows us to work collaboratively at each step of the process, from the early design stages through to product installs. Remaining in communication with Clients, Designers, Contractors and Distributors provides us with insight into how our products are performing and allows us to receive feedback informing us on how we can continue to improve.

Our dedicated team across Ireland and the UK are here to offer you industry expertise and support you in the completion of your major, or minor, infrastructure projects. If we can help support you, or if you would like any further information around our current projects or products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Danielle Devlin; Area Manager for Ireland, or James Gallagher; Head of Business Development UK and Ireland.

Also, for more information you can visit other areas of our website and social media channels, as we continue to update you about this ongoing Growth in Rail Integration Project.

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