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MULTIduct™ Delivers Cable Protection Solution for the Raide-Joker Light Rail Project

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Raide-Joker Light Rail




STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect, MULTIduct™



Case Study

Cubis Systems along with CRH sister company Rudus in Finland recently supplied its STAKKAbox™ network access chambers and MULTIduct™ cable protection systems to the new 25km Raide-Joker Light Rail project. The new track from Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo has approximately 16km located in Helsinki and 9km in Espoo and is being built to replace the trunk bus line 550 which is the busiest bus line in the region having reached its maximum capacity and with no room for growing passengers numbers.

With large amounts of the light track running through urban areas, there was very little space for the installation of the required cable ducting to house, utilities such as telecoms, power and signalling for the new track. This posed a real problem as the number of utilities required wasn’t achievable in the space available and a new compact, multiple duct, space saving solution was required.

Cubis’ cable protection system MULTIduct™ was the ideal solution to solve this problem. The modern, lightweight, composite structural ducting product combines multiple ducts into one single unit, requiring far less area for installation. The MULTIduct™ units have a minimum width of installation of 475mm for a 9-duct unit compared with a traditional cable ducting system that would need 630mm of space. The unique ‘one click’ push fit connection between each MULTIduct™ unit makes long duct runs fast and easy to install along with the same guaranteed access point at both ends.

Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect access chambers were also specified to create easily built utilities network access points. The chambers were easily assembled on site providing the added flexibility of being able to build over and around existing utilities within a close proximity of the new track and fully integrating with the MULTIduct™ cable ducting route to provide a seamlessly connected utility infrastructure solution for the client.

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