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Duct Entries

Available in a range of sizes, Cubis' duct entry range provides a number of solutions to alleviate the problem of cables snagging or wearing as well as offering temporary duct access restrictions to seal duct pre-cut duct entries until required.

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Options and Accessories

Chambers can be supplied with the following accessories:



  • Provides the cut end of duct with a smooth finish
  • Prevents the duct from pushing into the chamber and restricting access
  • Manufactured in Polypropylene
  • Available in a variety of colours and sizes
  • Current sizes (to fit 114 mm hole): 54 mm, 96 mm, 110mm
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Duct Caps

Duct Caps

  • Temporary cap for factory-made duct entries
  • Manufactured in Polpropylene
  • Current sizes (to fit hole): 54 mm, 63 mm, 96 mm, 110 mm, 125 mm
Sand Block

Sand Block

  • Bellmouth fitted with foam to allow for smaller ducts or cables to enter the chamber
  • Seals against sand and backfill ingress
Duct Seal

Duct Seal

  • Foam insert for smaller duct cables to securely transition into the chamber system
  • Removes any snagging or wear to cables through the networks access chamber walls
  • Clasps around cables to form a tight fit stopping ingress of back fill and chamber
  • Maximum service bundle diameter capacity 55mm
  • Push fit assembly
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