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Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ and Access Covers utilised in the redevelopment of Warsaw-Radom Airport

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Anna-Bud Sp. z o.o.


Warszawa, Poland


STAKKAbox™ Fortress , STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect, AX-S™ Ductile Iron Cover


Ports & Airports

Case Study

Cubis innovative, modular access chamber solutions have been selected as the product of choice, to support the redevelopment of Warsaw-Radom Airport in Poland. The investment carried out by the ‘Polish Airports’ State Enterprise - PPL required the construction of a new terminal building, and further expansion and redevelopment of the runway as the airport prepared to reopen in 2023, as part of a drive to develop greater passenger connections across Europe.

Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ Fortress and ULTIMA Connect chambers were specified for due to their structural loading capacity and flexibility onsite. With load ratings of D400 & F900 respectively, both chambers are suitable for areas imposing high wheel loads, such as docks and airports. The project utilised over 65+ access chambers, accompanied by AX-S™ concrete and ductile covers.

The STAKKAbox™ chamber system was delivered to site palletised in ‘flat pack’ form, reducing transportation costs, storage space and the requirement for heavy plant machinery during installation.

The STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect chamber system was used to construct much larger bespoke chambers on-site. Utilising GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin) composite material, the chamber sections are 150mm deep and weigh under 25kg. The chamber can be utilised in environments that require loading of F900 under EN124, offering an excellent strength to weight properties.

Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ Fortress manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) was also selected for areas that require loading up to D400 under EN124 standards.

The flexibility of both chambers, provided a seamless installation, with on-site adjustments made quickly and safely. Due to ground level changes the need for extra depth was required; this was easily achieved due to the modular, scalable, lightweight nature of both the GRP and HDPE chamber systems. Unlike traditional methods that would have need to have been either remade or cast in-situ, the extra chamber ring sections were simply placed on top to meet the required depth.

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