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Cubis Scales Up Their Network Access System for Large Hydraulic Water System in France

Case Study Details


Société Eau du Ponant


Brest (29), France


STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect, AX-S™ Composite Cover



Case Study

Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect and AX-S™ composite cover system has been installed at the Eau du Ponant project in France. The large scale (4m X 4m) chamber was built to house a sizable hydraulic water system for the site.

Cubis’ French team collaborated with the contractor to implement a DN500 composite interconnection chamber, designed to secure the AEP network. The installation was carried out directly by the Eau du Ponant community near Brest, in the west of France.

The network access chamber and cover provided a range of benefits to the contractor including:

Installation Advantages:

  1. Flat pack shipment: Reduced delivery, unloading equipment and ease of handling components at remote site locations.
  2. Flexibility in Construction: Duct entries can be quickly and safely formed on site. Overbuilding or benching is easily achieved on a wide range of duct and pipe sizes.
  3. Optimal safety: Lightweight products and reduced risk from heavy alternatives ensure safety requirements for installation teams.
  4. Speed ​​of installation: The chamber was assembled in less than 4 hours by an installation team of three.
  5. Strength: ULTIMA Connect offers the ability to offset joints between sections to provide a strong brickwork effect improving side wall performance.

Long Term Client Advantages:

To learn more about how the STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect range can be adapted for use within your project, and to see other examples of how it has been used across a wide range of sectors and applications explore some of other other Case Studies.

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