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Cubis’ Covers Increase Remote Signal Strength by Over 40%

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Utility Provider


Colchester, UK


Smart AX-S



Case Study

A major utility provider has implemented the use of digital technology to send RF signals from a Smartpoint (found inside a network access chamber) to a remote Flexnet Base Station. These signals allow the water provider to take remote meter readings, reducing the need for in person inspections and optimising both time and cost savings.

New digital technology allows the utility provider to view live, real-time data, enhancing their ability to quickly identify and fix problems within the network and in turn providing an advanced service to their customers. One of the most notable advantages this technology affords is reduced water leakage. Where previously a lot of time was spent identifying and locating issues, remote tracking offers a solution that immediately locates problems within the system, minimising time and water wastage and resulting in time and cost savings for the provider and their customers.

The major water provider had identified that its existing infrastructure was restricting the transmission of SNR (Signal Strength) through its existing network, and this was being caused by the previously installed steel access covers. These were weakening the strength of RF signals, affecting the validity of data obtained from remote tracking.

Working collaboratively with the water provider to engineer a better solution, Cubis Systems designed and manufactured an AX-S™ composite access cover and frame system that can be quickly and easily installed, whilst not blocking the signal.

The smart cover and frame offer a retrofit solution, meaning that it has been designed to fit in seamlessly with the already existing infrastructure. Cubis’ Smart Covers are fast and easy to install, as minimal civils work is required. In fact, the complete installation process can be completed in less than 10 minutes, by a single worker.

After replacing the existing GMS covers, the utility firm has now recorded a significant increase in their SNR (Signal Strength) readings. Recent data shows a 40% improvement in signal strength since the implementation of smart composite covers in Colchester.

To learn more about the range of products we offer, you can visit our website or if you would like to know more about how our covers have been used within the water sector, please don’t hesitate to contact Andy Hobbis, Business Development Manager for the water sector.

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