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PROtrough Cable Protection

PROtrough is an innovative, lightweight, fire retardant cable troughing system that offers a modern alternative to traditional concrete trough systems for when easily deployed and accessible cable management systems are required.

PROtrough is a GRP cable management trough that has been designed to comply with all major European fire retardancy specifications, eliminating common heat distortion and thermal expansion issues.

A modern cable troughing solution, PROtrough is the ideal solution for modern cable troughing installations, with an extensive range of adaptable accessories that have been designed to enable a high degree of flexibility, ease of access and seamless integration with Cubis’ range of STAKKAbox™ access chambers and cable protection products.

Fire Retardant

PROtrough is a GRP cable management trough that has been designed to comply with all European fire retardant specifications, including those for tunnels and stations.

PROtrough has passed several accredited external tests including the DIN53438-2, hot brake shoe fire resistance, wooden crib and K1 tests.

Protrough Modular Content Fire Retardant

How It Works

PROtrough is a highly durable cable protection system that easily resolves engineering challenges for cable laying.

The system offers a simple slide and drop male to female connectivity with a unique one click interlocking cover and sliding mechanism.

Protrough Modular Content How It Works

Seamless Integration

PROtrough has been designed to offer seamless integration with the Cubis range of cable protection and access chamber products such as ULTIMA Connect and MULTIduct™ enabling enhanced cable management and access.

Protrough Modular Content Seamless Integration

Load Rating

PROtrough meets the vertical load class of A15 set by EN124.

PROtrough has been designed with optimum sidewall strength performance to ensure minimal flex when back filled.

Protrough Modular Content Load Rating
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