Openreach Approved Telecoms Network Access Chamber System

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STAKKAbox™ JMF is a range of modular and structural preformed access chambers that prove a modern alternative to brick built chambers. The system provides contractors with a means of constructing access chambers quickly and inexpensively, whilst offering improved build quality, reduced defects and enhanced site safety performance over traditional methods.

STAKKAbox™ JMF is the ONLY modular access chamber approved for use on Openreach networks, available in 102, 104 and 106 sizes.

Supplied in 150mm deep twinwall rings, STAKKAbox™ chambers are built by stacking sections to required depth. Each section weighs under 25kg, making it suitable for a single person to lift under manual handling guidelines.

The JMF system is moulded in HDPE and possesses excellent strength to weight properties. Each section is ribbed internally to improve loading performance.

Using the JMF system, complete chambers can be constructed from excavation to reinstatement in less than one hour.




Openreach Reference Clear Opening (L) x (W) Depth per section Section Weight Typical chamber depth
JMF 102 725mm x 225mm 150mm 7.0kg 600mm
JMF 104 915mm x 445mm 150mm 14.0kg 750mm
JMF 106 1310mm x 610mm 150mm 19.0kg 750mm

Download our product size guide for more information on available sizes.


Key Features

Openreach Approved
Openreach Approved
Integrated System
Integrated System
Improved Build Quality
Improved Build Quality
Easy to Install
Fast Insertion
Fast Insertion
Easy to Overbuild
Easy to Overbuild

STAKKAbox™ JMF Product Brochure Download

Lightweight 150mm deep sections are stacked on top of a concrete or Type 1 base to build the chamber to the desired depth.

There is no requirement for lifting plant or skilled box builders when building chambers.

Where required, rings can be cut to bridge over or around existing networks or obstacles.


STAKKAbox™ JMF is suitable for installations in areas rated B125 under BS: EN124: 1994.

JMF is only approved for Openreach installations in pedestrian areas that are rated B125


Concrete Infill (B125)     

  • Covers lift and slide out
  • One-person operation.
  • No inherent scrap value
  • Can be locked
  • Kitemarked by BSI
  • The only approved Concrete Infill cover for Openreach, Virgin Media and other network operators


Recessed (B125)

  • 75mm deep to suit 60mm block
  • Can be filled with any material
  • Tapered cover and centralised lifting keyholes
  • Can be locked
  • Kitemarked by BSI
  • The only approved Recessed cover for Openreach, Virgin Media and other network operators


Drop-in Furniture

Using Cubis access chamber systems accessories can help save even more time. Our chamber options & accessories range allows installers to simply drop in, connect up tubes or ducts, backfill and walk away.


 Secondary Security Covers

  • Developed to provide enhanced network security protection from vandals and criminals
  • Independently tested to Category C of Loss Prevention Board Standard 1175
  • The system has also been successfully fire tested


Conductive Concrete

Conductive concrete is a cementitious and carbonaceous material which is a proven solution in the prevention of infrastructural conductivity grounding difficulties, speeding up and improving the performance of cabinet earthing.