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Introducing Our Telecoms Team!

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How Can We Help Connect You?

Cubis Systems is known for providing complete network access and cable protection systems within the telecoms sector. We are a long-standing supplier for Openreach and have extensive experience of manufacturing complete network access systems for all leading telecommunication providers across Europe, Australia, North America and the Middle East.

Recently the UK telecoms sector has experienced a lot of change, but Cubis remains the industry leader in providing network access products for a range of applications. From our Openreach approved PIA chamber, to all footway, verge and carriageway environments, Cubis supplies a full telecoms network infrastructure build for its clients.

Over the years we have listened and collaborated with our customers across the telecoms sector, working closely with our designers and technical teams to ensure the products we manufacture facilitate even the most complex projects. All our products are intelligently designed to work as a system, ensure safety and increase the ease of installation. Additionally, our products reduce installation times and the need for CO2 heavy materials and plant such as concrete, steel rebar, mixing and vibrating tools. 

As well as the quality of our products, delivering a quality service is pivotal to what we do and how we operate. Our goal is to achieve success for our clients in all types of complex telecommunication projects, which is why we adopt such a collaborative approach at every stage of the process. From early design through to product delivery, our team of telecoms experts will support you with the specific needs of your build.

Our telecoms team consists of our Head of Telecoms; Stephen Warke, and Telecomms Account Manager, Clare Francis. Alongside our internal telecoms department, they offer unparalleled industry-led advice. With years of combined experience and by having the opportunity to be on the ground, up close and personal on projects, our telecoms team is committed to delivering results by providing technical support, customer demonstrations and extensive training.

If we can provide further information about our product range or the training we offer, connect with our telecoms team on LinkedIn or via email.

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