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The all New STAKKAbox™ Toby Telco Joint Box for Rural Roads

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The all New STAKKAbox™ Toby Telco Joint Box for Rural Roads

As a long-standing supplier of network access chambers and AX-S™ covers to the Telecommunication market, Cubis prides itself at being at the forefront of key development and innovations within the sector.

The NEW STAKKAbox™ Toby has been designed to provide a compact Telecoms joint box that can be installed in areas where it is congested with other utilities or there aren’t any pedestrian footpaths such as rural roads. The access chamber system can be installed in the carriageway making it the ideal solution for your rural telco network.


STAKKAbox™ Toby Access Chamber


The STAKKAbox™ Toby is made up of one 300mm deep section that has a 150mm x 150mm clear opening with integrated base section. The STAKKAbox™ Toby offers an easily adapted solution to on-site conditions that can be drilled with standard tools for duct entries on any side of the chamber and installed within new telco networks or retro fitted around existing utilities. Using a Ductile iron cover above the twin walled chamber provides a superior strength system for an easily accessed network.

To learn more about how our new STAKKAbox™ Toby can help you with your Telco network build please contact a member of team or click here.

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