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Cubis launch new universal 'Mobra Arm'

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Cubis launch new universal 'Mobra Arm' supporting ALL major Fibre Distribution Nodes

Cubis Systems have worked closely with a number of leading telecom providers to design and develop an innovative solution to support all types of Fibre Distribution Nodes (FDN’s).

Cubis’ new universal ‘Mobra Arm’ supports all major FDN enclosures housed within our STAKKAbox™ range of access chamber systems.


With the vast array of FDN enclosures currently on the market (each having their own mounting requirements), their placement within a chamber can often be an afterthought. This presents the challenge of how and where to mount the enclosures. These often end up on the floor of the chamber making them difficult to access and prone to damage through flooding and the twisting of cables. 

Cubis’ NEW Mobra Arm system solves this problem by providing an elevated mounting point that can be configured to give the installer ultimate flexibility depending on the FDN required. This is done through an easily configurable cross-brace and telescopic arm assembly that is both adjustable in width and height.


The cross-brace has been designed to provide central or off-set fixing within the chamber for installation of two FDN’s if required and a lock in place hinged bracket.

The telescopic arm provides set incremental jumps in height for greater comfortable working height for operatives whether sitting or standing and elevates the FDN of the chamber floor removing the chance of damage due of flooding or the twisting of cables.


To learn more about how our new universal Mobra Arm and how we can help you with your fibre network build please contact a member of telecoms team or click here.