Conductive Concrete

A proven solution that speeds up and improves the performance of cabinet earthing

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Cubis SAN-EARTH Conductive Concrete is a proven solution in the prevention of infrastructural conductivity grounding difficulties.

Adaptable to a range of varied applications within telecommunications, utilities and additional groundwork situations, Conductive Concrete not only excels in terms of technical performance but is environmentally safe, reduces theft of copper earthing rods and enhances the installation process through safety, time and cost in the grounding of new and retrofit Openreach telecommunication cabinets.



Key Features

Excellent Grounding Qualities
Environmentally Safe
Cost Efficient Grounding
Reduced Opportunity For Theft
Electrolytic Corrosion Resistance
Easy to Install


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Standard Method Statement


Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)


Training Questions

  1. What depth is to be excavated when installing a precast base for a cabinet?
  2. What depth is to be excavated for an insitu base?
  3. What is the additional depth required to the excavation?
  4. How many bags of Cubis San Earth are required per installation?
  5. Prior installation; what is the first thing to consider and identify? Why is this important?
  6. Which trench does the 16mm² copper electrode run into?
  7. What do you do with the unused electrode tail?
  8. What do you need to do to allow identification of the insulated earth link after installation?
  9. What documentation needs to be completed after installation?
  10. Do you need to do an earth reading?

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  • DO wear full PPE.
  • DO follow the method statement.
  • DO complete the A55 (Earth Certificate).
  • DO plug the duct 36.
  • DO ensure you use all material in all 4 bags.
  • DO ensure material is compacted.
  • DO remove used SAN-EARTH bags in a black bin liner into van ASAP.
  • DO lay electrode flat outstretched.
  • DO ensure you leave spare link in power trench


  • DON'T coil the earth ring unnecessarily!
  • DON'T push copper through SAN-EARTH!
  • DON'T leave material in rain!
  • DON'T back fill with stone!
  • DON'T take earth reading!