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Dutch MOD Remote Facility Construction

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Dutch Ministry of Defence




STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect, MULTIduct™, AX-S™ Composite Cover


Defence and Security

Case Study

Cubis recently supplied its STAKKAbox™ network access chambers and MULTIduct™ cable protection solutions to the Dutch Ministry of Defence as part of the construction of a new facility within a geographically remote and difficult to access location. This followed a successful pilot ‘mini’ installation project in 2020 in the Netherlands, co-ordinated by our distributor GM Products.

Due to transport limitations, the geography and nature of the environment for the installation the client logistics required a lightweight, strong, easy to handle access chamber and cable protection solution that could be simply transported and assembled on site.

Traditionally when building an underground cable utility network, the installation team would have used individual cable ducts, but this however often causes problems when reinstating the surrounding material. If done incorrectly the ducting can become knotted, move out of position or become damaged. This causes confusion as to where the start and end position of the duct is, making it extremely difficult for the cable installation teams to identify which cable is coming out of which duct. Because of the sand-based conditions, this made the ground even more challenging to work with.

MULTIduct™ was specified to solve these problems. It is a modern, lightweight, composite structural ducting system that combines multiple ducts into one single unit, requiring less dig and preventing movement when backfilled. The unique ‘one click’ push fit connection between each MULTIduct™ unit makes long duct runs fast and easy to install with the same guaranteed access point at both ends.

STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect access chambers were also specified to create easily built network access points. Being transported flat-packed, the chambers saved significant transport space which was a big benefit for the client. The chambers were then assembled on site and integrated to connect with the MULTIduct™ cable ducting route to provide a seamlessly connected utility infrastructure.

For more information on how MULTIduct™ cable protection and STAKKAbox™ network access chamber systems can help solve your network build issues please contact a member of the team.

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