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Trackside Cable Troughing

Cubis' range of trackside cable troughing products features innovative, lightweight, cable trough systems that offers a modern alternative to traditional concrete troughing systems for the use in rail and light rail markets.

Cubis offers a number of cable trough solutions such as PROtrough, RAILduct™ and MM RAILduct™ that offer an innovative, lightweight, secure troughing system that has been used worldwide in different extremes of temperatures. Cable trough comprises of 1 meter long units that connect together allowing for rotation in the unit to follow gentle curves in the track. Lightweight cable trough offers significant health and safety advantages over traditional concrete troughing systems.


PROtrough is Cubis' newest innovation in cable troughing, providing a lightweight, fire retardant cable trough system that offers a modern alternative to traditional concrete trough systems for rail, light rail and power markets.


Seamless Integration

Cubis' cable troughing systems have been designed to offer seamless integration with Cubis’ range of cable protection and access chamber products such as STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect and MULTIduct™ enabling enhanced cable management and Network access.

PROtrough build 730x410

Trough Range

Cubis' trackside cable troughing system is available using the following options:

Application Overview

  • Superior structural integrity

  • Lightweight design - each unit is under 20kg

  • Rapid installation resulting in reduced installation costs

  • Units can be secured against the threat of vandalism or theft

  • Extensive range of accessories to enable flexibility and ease of deployment

  • Linear ballast anchor points secure the troughing into the surrounding material

  • Seamless integration with Cubis access chamber and cable protection systems

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