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Rail Cabinet Base

Cubis' Rail Cabinet Base (RCB) is an innovative system that provides a secure foundation for electrical trackside assets. The system simplifies the civils, cabling installation and maintenance works whilst providing a safe, inbuilt area to work from.

Cabinet Base System

The system is modular in construction and comprises of six basic components all of which can be delivered flat packed in parts or fully assembled. These can be in a format to build single or multiple cabinet sites and sizes. The systems foundation is constructed from Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect chamber providing easy access and a lightweight system that is adapted on site during installation.


System Components

Cubis' Rail Cabinet Base system comprises of the following products:

Application Overview

  • In built areas of safety to stand

  • No lifting equipment required

  • Lightweight, safe and easy to assemble

  • Removes the need for multiple cable troughs

  • Single or multiple assets can be accommodated

  • Installation takes half the time of traditional methods

  • Gland tray removes the risk of vermin entering the cabinet

  • Large working space underneath providing greater flexibility

  • Modules can be made for any equipment traditionally founded on a concrete base

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