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Refinery Infrastructure Networks

Cubis has worked closely with some of the largest refinery business’ throughout the Middle East in the provision of integrated systems for fibre telecoms, perimeter protection and under road crossing applications.

Cubis’ systems are widely used throughout the construction of refinery infrastructure networks due to their integrated product approach and intelligent technical design features that deliver modular, scalable and lightweight composite access chambers, access covers and cable protection products. All systems work seamlessly together and can be built on site safely, quickly and with ease.

Seamless Integration

Cubis’ integrated product approach offers clients a complete range of access chambers, access covers and cable protection systems that have been designed to offer seamless integration for use in the delivery of refinery infrastructure networks.



MULTIduct™ can be installed in formations to achieve multiple duct banks. Stacked to desired height, Multi-banks provide a smooth course of linear buried ducting.

Allowing for two degrees of flexibility when connected, MULTIduct™ creates a natural bend able to follow the curvature of a perimeter fence, road or tunnel installation. This straight lay flat feature, negates the requirement for spacers and eliminates the possibility of twisting which is hugely beneficial when compared with traditional ducting systems during installation.


Under Road Crossing (URX)

URX systems provide a modern method of building an under road crossing in a rapid, yet safe manor significantly reducing road closure times. Incorporating STAKKAbox™ chambers with MULTIduct™, the Cubis URX system is easy to handle as the 1m long 4, 6 or 9 way units are incredibly lightweight at under 20kg.

Shallow and narrow burial depths, due to the high crush strength of the MULTIduct™, negates the need for concrete or specialist surround, and excavated material can be utilised during re-installation, thereby saving time and reducing costs in relation to disposal of excess material.

Refinery Infrastructure Networks Modular Under Road Crossing (URX)

Perimeter Protection

Cubis’ perimeter protection network access systems have been designed and developed to offer a modern alternative to traditional methods of ducting. Cubis system enables an enhanced security for telecommunications and power networks that run around some of the world’s largest refineries.

Providing a seamless integration between Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ chamber access and MULTIduct™ cable protection products, Cubis’ network access system utilise the MULTIduct™ units buried under the ground providing easier and safer installation, assembly of system and improved build quality.


Fibre Telecoms

Developed to replace traditional procedures for the storage of fibre optic, CCTV and power cabling, Cubis’ telecommunication system provides enhanced security through lockable AX-S™ composite and ductile access covers.

The fibre telecoms system seamlessly integrates between Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ chamber access and MULTIduct™ cable protection products to deliver a safe and easy installation, coupled with a straightforward assembly and improved build quality when compared to alternative methods.


System Components

Refinery infrastructure networks typically comprise of the following products:

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