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What is STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ is a range of access chambers intelligently designed to boost installation capabilities saving time and money. Manufactured to present a customer-centric solution that is lightweight, strong and can be easily built on-site.

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Why choose STAKKAbox™?

STAKKAbox™ access chambers offer an innovative, lightweight, structural, and scalable network access solution.

Available in any size, they are easily adaptable and fast to install on-site coming in 150mm deep stackable units that can be built to the desired depth required. Using STAKKAbox™ accessories can save even more time for installers with a range of compatible steps, cable management, MULTIduct™ spigots, duct entries and chamber bases available.

A lightweight, yet strong, easy to install access chamber system that delivers on time and cost savings on essential infrastructure builds.

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How It Works


STAKKAbox™ access chambers offer a scalable solution that can be built on-site with easily connectable components. Stacking on top of each other STAKKAbox™ offers flexibility in required finished depth. With each section interlocking with the unit above and below to provide a lightweight, yet strong access chamber, allowing for safe manual lifting.


STAKKAbox™ access chambers are available in “solid rings” or as part of a complete system of modular component parts, offering a significant choice in access chamber clear opening.


The intelligent “Twin Walled” design of the STAKKAbox™ access chamber offers a significantly stronger access chamber system that is lightweight. When fully assembled STAKKAbox™ access chambers feature horizontal and vertical ribs for quick and easy installation.


Available in any size, STAKKAbox access chambers are adaptable and fast to install on-site coming in 150mm deep stackable units that can be built to the desired depth required. A scalable network access chamber solution that provides a truly modular system for building larger chambers.

Features & Benefits

Product Range

Our access chambers are built using the pioneering STAKKAbox™ system. Offering flexible, lightweight, strong innovative solutions, adaptable across many different situations and markets.

Product Overview

STAKKAbox™ Chamber System Loading and Size Applications.

Stakkabox Loading And Size Applications

Featured Case Studies

Cubis Systems can tailor its product range to suit your specification requirements. Explore some recent STAKKAbox™ Chamber System case study examples below.