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MULTIduct™ Used in brand new highway construction

Case Study Details


Astaldi S.A.


Lubień, Poland





Case Study

The Polish state authority for National Roads and Highways, (GDDKiA.SA) and contractors Astaldi S.A. worked on the new S7 Expressway, a key highway link that connects to the A-4, a 672-mile motorway that runs through the south of Poland, with European links to Slovakia and Hungary.

The contractor needed an underground cable protection system that could safely distribute both high and low voltage cables to and from a sub power station within a small, shallow excavation, to reduce the time of installation and need for removal of as dug spoil.

Cubis’ MULTIduct™ cable protection system was the ideal solution, due to its lightweight, structural properties that can be buried in a shallow excavation and re-installed with dug material, reducing both the carbon impact and the amount of time taken.

Over 2,300 9-Way MULTIduct™ units were utilised in the project, as the push fit connection enabled quick assembly with their ability to lay straighter and flatter, meaning easy cable pulling while eliminating any twisting issues during installation, unlike traditional ducting systems.

Cubis’ MULTIduct™ range of spigots, sockets, duct adaptors and degree angle accessories were used to seamlessly connect the cable protection system to the network.

The main advantages of using MULTIduct™ cable sleeves in the project:

  • Exceptional compressive strength properties
  • Space-saving - narrower excavations
  • Organising cables in the sewage system
  • Easy compaction of the soil around the channels using standard equipment
  • Easy installation of the system without the need to use heavy equipment

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