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STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect offering large bespoke chamber solutions for clean water systems

Case Study Details


Faignot TP


Morbecque, France


STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect & AX-S™ Composite Access Cover



Case Study

Morbecque, situated in the North-East of France has been subject to the installation of a large, bespoke access chamber as a result of a deterioration in the pre-existing water distribution line, recognised by the areas Local Water Authority. 

The new inspection chamber which facilitates both the supply and management of the areas clean water, offers a long-term solution providing protection and security for the new equipment, as well as maintenance access to the DN350 line’s water meter, bypass and valve configurement.

Preliminary specification work was undertaken to determine the appropriate chamber and cover combination. Led by Cubis’ French external sales team with key involvement from the technical department a site visit was undertaken to evaluate the project requirements. Having carefully considered the project specification Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect with bespoke bolt locking AX-S™ composite frame and cover were specified.

The installation which was carried out on behalf of Régie des Eaux Hazebrouck was a unique project for Cubis as it formed the largest bespoke frame & cover combination developed to date, containing a total of 42 AX-S™ Composite covers accommodated by a bespoke STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect chamber spanning over 4 meters in length.

Upon production of the final designs and system drawings, Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect was specified for the chamber build. With its flexibility in size, light-weight component parts and availability as flat pack for delivery to a remote location, transport costs were significantly reduced.

The 4000mm x 3500mm chamber measuring 1350mm (9 ring sections) in height was delivered to site and assembled by contractor Faignot TP, overseen by Cubis’ Project Engineers. Each ring section was made up of 28 component parts including 4no. left / Right hockey stick pieces (depending on section configuration) and 10no. straight pieces each connected together using the supplied jointing pegs.

For creating the chamber top, a bespoke AX-S™ steel frame and composite cover arrangement was designed and installed. The flat-pack frame was formed using galvanised steel with 2no. frame-end assemblies and 4no. center assemblies joined together and supported by 6no. 3.5m reinforced load-bearing beams upgraded to B125 classification due to the large stature of the system.

The 42no. AX-S™ Composite covers incorporated three cover sizes - 2no. 450mm x 450mm, 15no. 600mm x 450mm and 25no. 600mm x 600mm, combining to create a cover spanning 4000mm x 4500mm with the ability to withstand upto 1.5 tonnes of downward pressure.

The combined weight of the frame and cover measures over 1 tonne, with the heaviest single part weighing 58kg. The design was optimised where possible to reduce the weight allowing for a safer and easier manual installation.

Cubis Systems was highly recommended to the contractor due to the nature of the works and application possibilities offered when installing STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect over a traditional concrete or brick built chamber.

With the ability to overcome limitations regarding accessibility issues and constraints in terms of delivery, the light weight modular structure of the STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect and flat-pack cover option not only eliminated the need for heavy on-site lifting machinery but allowed for rapid one-day installation with minimal, skilled labor requirements.

The Hazebrouck Water Maintenance Chamber project made for a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate Cubis’ technical ability as well as the simplicity and flexibility in chamber options, assured product quality and speed of installation, allowing a switch from the failing system to the new hydraulic line in less than one week.

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