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Building a Sustainable Business

Identifying Value Creation Opportunities and Delivering Long-Term Value for Customers

Embedding Sustainability in our Strategy

At Cubis Systems, sustainability is embedded in our business strategy and is integral to how we run our business on a daily basis. This approach to sustainability within our business allows us to identify value creation opportunities and deliver long-term value for customers.

Upholding Good Business Conduct

Upholding Good Business Conduct

Our business principles are guided by CRH Code of Business Conduct (CoBC).

At CRH and Cubis Systems we believe there is never a good business reason to do the wrong thing. The CoBC is underpinned by policies including Anti-Fraud & Anti-Theft, Anti-Bribery; Competition Code; Ethical Procurement; and the Supplier Code of Conduct. To ensure all our people know what is expected of them, all new employees carry out CoBC training upon joining and those working in higher risk areas undertake annual online training as well as face-to-face advanced Compliance Training.

Setting a Standard for Suppliers

Setting a Standard for Suppliers

We place business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the forefront of all our business dealings, including those with our suppliers, both direct and indirect, recognising that they are key stakeholders in the success of our business.

Not surprisingly, our procurement requirements are very high; we expect our suppliers to share our desire to be the best, to be innovative and efficient and quality driven. Above all we only choose suppliers who share our unwavering commitment to good ethical practices and who meet our standards in respect of human rights, health & safety and environmental stewardship.

Implementing GDPR

Cubis Systems understands the importance of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Data and is committed to fostering a culture of transparency and accountability by complying with the principles set out in the Data Protection Laws. Every member of staff has undergone GDPR training and all sites are fully compliant with GDPR data protection laws.

Ensuring High Standards of Corporate Governance

Our Board of Directors is responsible for the leadership, oversight, control, development and long term success of Cubis Systems. There are currently 7 members of the Board representing the various sectors of the business. Board meetings are held monthly to discuss strategy, safety, sustainability updates, budget, performance and major acquisitions and disposals.

Creating Value Through Risk Governance

The CRH Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework plays a critical role in how the group and its operating companies respond to a world of increasing uncertainty and competition. The ERM framework enables the effective management of barriers to the realisation of strategic objectives which facilitates better decision making, thereby driving performance, creating growth opportunities and generating sustainable value. Our management teams assess risk under four categories: strategic, operational, financial and compliance and optimise the allocation of resources and prioritise mitigating risks which could prevent the achievement of our strategic objectives. We identify and manage emerging risks and look for ways to turn them into opportunities where possible and in doing so will continue to strengthen both our business and reputation.

Meeting CRH Group Standards

Cubis Systems’ performance is monitored by our parent company, CRH through regular audits and reporting. Compliance with CRH policies is overseen by Group functions including Sustainability, Regulatory, Compliance & Ethics, IT Governance, Finance and Risk. Company-wide audits are carried out assessing finance, IT, treasury, manufacturing, stock and warehousing. In addition, Cubis Systems is part of a regular safety and environmental audit process. Annual external audits are also carried out across our finance departments to ensure that we adhere to the highest industry standards. CRH also oversees all significant capital expenditures, ensuring Cubis Systems continues to improve and expand at a sustainable and controlled rate.

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