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Rail Cabinet Base

Cubis' Rail Cabinet Base (RCB) is an innovative system that provides a secure foundation for electrical trackside assets. The system simplifies the civils, cabling installation and maintenance works whilst providing a safe, inbuilt area to work from.

The system is modular in construction and comprises of six basic components all of which can be delivered flat packed in parts or fully assembled. These can be in a format to build single or multiple cabinet sites and sizes. The systems foundation is constructed from Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect chamber providing easy access and a lightweight system that is adapted on site during installation.

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Application Overview

In built areas of safety to stand

No lifting equipment required

Lightweight, safe and easy to assemble

Removes the need for multiple cable troughs

Single or multiple assets can be accommodated

Installation takes half the time of traditional methods

Gland tray removes the risk of vermin entering the cabinet

Large working space underneath providing greater flexibility

Modules can be made for any equipment traditionally founded on a concrete base

System Components

Cubis' Rail Cabinet Base system comprises of the following products:

Cabinet Base

Cabinet Base

The base/foundation is made from the Cubis STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect chamber – a modular system comprised of compression moulded GRP, linked together with GRP pegs to form a solid and stable ring, that can also be linked to trackside drainage.

Cabinet Location Modules

Cabinet Location Modules

Made from powder-coated aluminium, providing a stable and lightweight interface between the base and the cabinet, which is protected from saline oxidation. A Full LOC case module weighs just 20kg.

Cover and Frame Modules

Cover and Frame Modules

Between cabinets, lightweight aluminium frames fix to both the base module below and the cabinet modules adjacent to provide strength and stability. Each frame has integral earthing points, so all modules can be linked together. GRP covers fit into the frame and form a safe hard-standing area.

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Trough Connector

Trough Connector

In place of simply butting a piece of trough to the base of the cabinet, a positive location point has been introduced that can be manufactured to fit any size of cable trough required.

Gland Tray

Gland Tray

The gland tray fits on top of the Cabinet Location Module and can be pre-fitted with IP rated glands or grommets as per the application requirements. It also be supplied blank to be cut on-site making it easy to upgrade to Plug and Play.

Cover Plate

Cover Plate

In place of pallets, ply or bags of cement over the open hole left in a traditional concrete base method whilst waiting for a cabinet to arrive, a purpose-made cover has been introduced, to prevent any open holes.

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