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Under Track Crossing

Cubis’ under track crossing (UTX) system has been approved for use with Network Rail. This modern method of building an under track crossing creates a faster, safer construction system which reduces track possession times.

The UTX system utilises MULTIduct™ an innovative, lightweight, structural, multiple duct system. The easy to handle 1m long 4, 6 or 9 way units are lightweight under 20kg and offer a unique ‘one click’ push fit connection that is fast and easy to install. Excavated material can be reused during re-installation reducing time, cost, heavy plant and disposal of excess material.

Seamless Integration

The UTX system seamlessly incorporates Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ access chambers with our cable protection system MULTIduct™.


Burial Depths

Due to its high crush strength MULTIduct™ requires a shallower and narrower burial depth and does not require any concrete or specialist surround. Minimum cover for Network Rail UTXs of 0.6m is easily achievable.

MULTIduct™ has a set of recommended burial depths for various applications. Explore the recommended burial depths for Cubis' 4 Way, 4 Way XL, 6 Way, and 9 Way products for multiple locations here.


System Components

Cubis' UTX system comprises of the following products:

Application Overview

  • Lightweight

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Future-proofed infrastructure

  • No additional tooling required

  • Requires shallower burial depths

  • B125 access cover options available

  • High crush strength MULTIduct™ units

  • No spacers or graded backfill material required

  • Rapid installation, reducing track possession time

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