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Connecting, Sealing and Protecting underground cable and ducting infrastructure

Jointing, sealing, connecting, and protecting infrastructure from fire, water, and rodents is critical within ports and airports. FILOform’s range of products exceeds industry standards to ensure the safety of data and power cable networks. Designed to meet the needs of specialists and bespoke installations, FILOform’s range of products offers sustainability and quality every time.

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For over 50 years, FILOform has developed expertise in the manufacture and supply of quality products and solutions to connect, seal, and protect underground cable networks. With a comprehensive range of quality solutions, applications, and products to meet the general, specialist, and bespoke requirements of cable, fibre optic, and utility networks, FILOform continues to innovate and lead the way in sustainable solutions.

Duct Sealing

Duct Sealing

FILOform's universal duct sealing solutions provide highly flexible and effective prevention against water, gas, rodents, and fire hazards.

Engineered for sealing a choice of cable and pipe diameters, the FILOform duct sealing system uses a range of supporting systems, such as hexagonal tubes, which are built up like a honeycomb structure to support the transition of the cable through the duct space, providing separation between the cable and the surface of the transition material while also providing a strong backing for the duct sealing material to be applied to.

Cable Joints

Cable Joints

Delivering the latest technology in cast resin, gel joints, taped resin injection joints, and intentionally used FiloSlim cable joints for low and medium voltage cables, FILOform is the leader in the supply of underground jointing solutions.

With a complete range of accessories to ensure a safe and secure installation. For further details or training on how to utilise the FILOfrom range, please visit the FILOform website.

Fibre Optic Seals

Fibre Optic Seals

A range of innovative and sustainable fibre optic seals, cable joints, FTTH home entries, end caps, and sealing plugs.

The FILOform range of products is extensively used across Europe within the telecommunications networks.

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