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Trackside Drainage

Cubis’ Network Rail approved track-side drainage inspection chamber system FLEXI-Pit™ has been designed and developed to offer easily adjustable duct positions for varying pipe invert level.

The FLEXI Pit drainage system is created from Cubis’ STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA access chamber system. The ULTIMA provides a modular scalable solution available in a variety of sizes that are easily adaptable, lightweight, fast and easy to install. Seamless integration with Cubis’ chamber accessories and AX-S™ concrete and composite access covers provides clients with a complete underground drainage system solution.

Drainage Capability

The drainage catch pit is made up of a chamber with an inlet pipe and outlet pipe set at a level above the floor of the pit. Any sediment carried by the system settles out whilst in the catch pit, from where it can be periodically pumped out or removed overcoming variations in ducting levels on site.


On-site Adjustability

A unique sliding backfill barrier enables easy adjustment on-site during installation. The backfill barrier allows for up to 150mm vertical adjustment to achieve the correct pipe invert level required and can accommodate pipes from 150mm to 450mm.

The system enables chamber height alterations by adding 150mm STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA ring sections until the desired depth is achieved.


Industry Approved

The FLEXI Pit trackside drainage system is approved on a number of networks with endorsements from Network Rail, Transport of London and Metrolink.


System Components

Cubis' Flexi-Pit System comprise of the following products:

Application Overview

  • Lightweight and safe

  • Reduced installation costs

  • Access cover options available

  • No additional tooling required

  • Compatible with existing drainage networks

  • Fully customisable, flexible and adjustable on-site

  • Rapid installation & reduced track possession time

  • Compatible with both smooth and twin wall pipes

  • Only hand adjustment required for backfill barrier adjustment

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