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The work of the Tradewaste and Septic industries is critical for the well-being of our fragile ecosystem. Through ongoing research, development, and innovation, CUBIS Systems has developed a range of BVCI™ precast concrete products that meet appropriate standards providing environmentally friendly solutions for our clients. These include:

  • Interceptor Traps
  • Petrol & Oil Interceptors
  • Cooling & Straining Pits
  • Neutralising Pits
  • Triple Interceptor Traps
  • Silt Traps
  • Distribution Pits
  • Concrete Septic Tanks
  • Pump Wells complete with Saddles, Risers and Lids

CUBIS' extensive range of products are sought for state-wide projects, including supply to service stations, fast food outlets, numerous laboratories and commercial laundries. CUBIS supplies products all over Victoria utilising our extensive transport network and we can arrange deliveries direct to site if requested—minimising lead times and cost.

Our in-house team of design and engineering experts, provide CUBIS with the capability to manufacture and supply custom BVCI™ precast concrete cable pits and covers to customers.

View the BVCI™ recast Tradewaste pit range under the Products sections. Alternatively, you can download the full Tradewaste Catalogue or contact our team for any custom pit project enquiries.