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Defence & Security

CUBIS Systems are SCEC (Security Construction and Equipment Committee) endorsed manufacturer and supplier of Cable Pits and Locking Pit Access Covers for all Australian Defence and other high-security cable pit projects.

CUBIS' innovative patented “Secure” precast concrete cable pit and access covers are typical of our dedication to security and pit safety. The locking mechanism of the “Secure” pit cover eliminates the need for locking bars; a major concern where the lockbar may be dislodged during maintenance programs and fall into the pit, breaking live cables. SCEC AX-S™ pit covers are a standard Class D load rating.

CUBIS Systems, in line with SCEC requirements have developed a range of precast concrete cable pits complete with built in surround (one piece construction for greater security, and cost saving during installation), and plinths to which the “Secure” AX-S™ pit covers may be installed.

The standard C1, C2, C4, C5 and 911 CUBIS cable pits together with a full range of SCEC endorsed precast concrete plinths and SCEC AX-S™ pit covers, are now well proven and securely installed across numerous Defence projects throughout Australia.

CUBIS manufacture all  precast concrete cable pits and manholes to Australian standards and our strict quality policy, including a minimum 40Mpa concrete with full steel mesh and bar reinforcement.  CUBIS' precast cable pits used for SCEC projects are designed for load rating in line with the access covers, unique to the precast concrete industry. This design element provides long-term confidence in the quality and endurance of the CUBIS product.

View our extensive product range for network access systems under Products or you can download the full Defence Catalogue. Alternatively, contact our team for any custom project inquiries.