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The water market is one of the largest installers of underground chamber systems. We have split our activity in the market into three distinct areas: clean water, dirty water and irrigation.

 This includes our meter, valve and hydrant chamber systems for clean water and large chambers and secure, hinged steel multi-leaf covers for waste water treatment works and pumping stations.

 As the market benchmark quality product, our extensive range of irrigation chambers are specified the world over for golf courses and public green spaces.

 Our customers contain many high-profile providers in the UK and Europe.

Water Products


Dirty Water Treatment: Fabricated Steel Covers

Steel Fabricated covers can be manufactured in solid top (flush with surface level) or upstand (to sit proud of surface level) format. Solid top covers can be drop-in or spring assisted. All covers are available in single and multi-leaf (double, triple, quadruple etc.) dimensions.

Fabricated Steel Covers
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Water Treatment: Large Chambers

Cubis have manufactured large bespoke chambers for a number of special projects including water treatment works.

Large Chambers


154 - Hydrant Install - Liverpool - 008

Hydrant Chambers

The lightweight, flexible modern alternative to concrete hydrant sections.

Hydrant Chambers
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Irrigation Boxes

Manufactured and installed for 40 years, Cubis popular range of irrigation chambers provide access to equipment and valve controls.

Irrigation Boxes