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Buried Cable Routes & Linear Cable Duct

Buried Cable (1)
Buried Cable (1)
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Buried Cable Routes

A low cost, safe and environmentally-friendly way to bury trackside cables.

Cubis’ buried cable routes system is a Network Rail approved product used to bury trackside cables. Power, telecommunications and signalling cables are carried in MULTIduct™ units, which join together to form long duct runs (100m typically).

MULTIduct™, available in 4, 6 and 9-way options, is much stronger than conventional ducting. It does not require a concrete surround or an expansive trench, resulting in cheaper installations.

MULTIduct™ interfaces with STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA, a sectional, structural preformed access chamber. Cubis’ buried cable route system is quickly installed due to its light weight (all parts are below 25kg), lack of specialist equipment and reduced excavation. Installation on one track upgrade was averaging 1km in a 20 hour posession.

 Most importantly, where the system has been used (primarily locations where cable theft has been a recurring problem), there have been no successful attempts at theft or vandalism of the cables.

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