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ULTIMA Connect

ULTIMA Connect Render
ULTIMA Connect Render
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ULTIMA Connect (Install)
ULTIMA Connect (Install)(1)

ULTIMA Connect has been developed to offer greater flexibility in chamber sizes without compromising the strength of the standard Ultima system.

ULTIMA Connect features the same twinwall, sectional design as the standard system but sections are built from combining multiple parts. As with ULTIMA, all parts are manufactured in GRP.

The system comprises of corner pieces (‘hockey sticks’) and sidewall lengths. There are left and right handed corner pieces, which offers the ability to offset joints between sections in order to provide a brickwork effect. The corner pieces are referred to by the internal length on the long side.

These parts are connected using a jointing peg to form a variety of clear opening sizes.

Sidewall lengths can be used with the corner pieces to provide additional chamber sizes.


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  • Fast and easy to install
    STAKKAbox™ chambers are significantly faster to install than conventional alternatives, with complete installations typically taking up to one hour. This results in reduced costs for the installer.  Only the largest sizes in the range require specialist equipment or plant in order to install the chamber. 
  • Sectional & twin wall design
    Chambers are built to required depth by adding 150mm sections. Due to the twinwall design, individual sections are light meaning they can be manually lifted. Each access chamber possesses vertical and horizontal ribs,  resulting in a product that is strong vertically and on the sidewall. For most applications, ULTIMA doesn’t require specialist backfills, reducing installation costs.
  • Smooth outer walls with lip to ‘key in’
    Gaps in the outer wall will negatively impact the effectiveness of compaction around the chamber. STAKKAbox™ chambers have smooth outer walls and an outer lip which keys into the backfill.
  • Variability in size
    STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA Connect can be used to create virtually any conceivable access chamber clear opening. ULTIMA offers a huge range of chamber dimensions thanks to the large number of standard sections and the variability offered by the ULTIMA Connect system.
  • Flat pack
    STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA can be shipped ‘flat packed’ to reduce shipping costs. A large chamber, as used on power stations or waste water treatment works, could be reduced to a number of pallets rather than occupying an entire truck.
  • Flexibility in Construction
    Duct entries can be quickly and safely formed on site. Overbuilding or benching is easily achieved. Fine top level adjustment is possible by horizontally cutting the top section.


Significantly reduce costs of in-situ construction through time savings

STAKKAbox™ ULTIMA can be utilised for large chamber builds and are commonly used for applications such as power stations, waste water treatment works and sports stadiums.

  • Installation times significantly reduced
    Access chambers that are cast in-situ can take a week to fully complete. It takes time to erect shuttering, install the rebar, pour concrete and waiting for it to cure.  

    In comparison, ULTIMA can be completely installed in one day, including excavation, chamber install and backfill. This has a direct impact on cost as ULTIMA requires less labour and provides more time to complete other work on site.
  • Flexible during installation
    ULTIMA is adaptable to the unique requirements of each site. This means that using ordinary site tools, chambers can be retrofitted over existing networks, can be drilled for duct entries and can be cut horizontally to reduce height.
  • Safe to install
    Chambers can be safely assembled in the excavation. Large, ready-to-install ULTIMA chambers are fitted with lifting eyes or cage to allow the chamber to be safely moved into place.
  • Flat pack delivery
    ULTIMA Connect can be flat packed to make transport to and site easier. This method of shipping allows the chamber to be built in the excavation (see case study). Even the largest chamber can be packed on a couple of pallets, reducing space needed on site and transport emissions.
  • Consistent build quality
    When casting access chambers in concrete, there are many opportunities for the build quality to be compromised by miscalculation, mistakes or inexperience. Skilled box builders are not always available on site. With ULTIMA, you can always be confident in a consistent chamber build quality.
  • Long term performance
    Due to the high chemical resistance of the GRP material, ULTIMA chambers have a longer installed life than concrete alternatives.
  • Large range of sizes
    CUBIS can provide a wide number of clear opening dimensions due to the amount of corner and sidewall pieces available. Chamber height can be adjusted in increments of 150mm. To find out if we can meet the size you require, please contact us.
  • Established means of construction
    Large ULTIMA chambers have been used on several high profile infrastructure projects for including the 2012 Olympic Stadium, power stations and waste water treatment works.

 STAKKAbox™ Ultima is commonly used for the following applications:


  • Motorway Communications
  • Drainage


  • Telecommunications 
  • Drainage
  • Buried Cable Routes

Power & Energy

  • High Voltage power cable jointing
  • Low Voltage power cable link boxes


  • Jointing chambers


  • Valve chambers
  • Telemetry chambers

STAKKAbox™ Ultima is suitable for installation in environments rated to E600 under EN124, in accordance with Cubis' installation guidelines.

STAKKAbox™ Ultima is manufactured in Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC), a form of Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP).

Benefits of GRP:

  • High strength to weight ratio
    The material is significantly lighter than other conventional materials that can provide the same inherent strength.
  • High temperature range
    GRP is a thermoset material, meaning that it irreversibly cures when heated. As a result, GRP will not melt, drip or form molten droplets.
  • Fire retardancy
    ULTIMA won't catch fire and has low smoke properties. This means the product can be used in enclosed areas such as tunnels and underground transport.
  • High mechanical properties
    The material is non-conductive, has a low coefficient of expansion and is resistant to weathering. GRP possess high tensile and bending strengths combined with high stiffness. The material is superior in mechanical strength properties compared to those of commodity thermoplastics such as the Polypropylene and the Polyethylene family.
  • Chemical resistance
    GRP is chemically inert, which means it is not chemically reactive. Its high chemical resistant nature is essential for ensuring a long service life when buried underground. GRP is not affected by frost, acids, alkalis or diesel, all of which will affect the lifespan of concrete products.
  • Not susceptible to creep
    Creep is the tendency of a solid material to permanently deform under continuous or long term loading or mechanical stresses. For access chambers, this is related to the process where an unsupported or non-compacted sidewall could move over time due to loading from traffic. This makes ULTIMA chambers ideal for carriageway installations.

Chamber Accessories

Access chambers can be pre-fitted with the following accessories:

  • Duct Entry
  • Cable Management
  • Steps 

For more information, please visit the access chamber accessories page.

Base sections

Standard Base

We extrude 100% recycled Low Density Polyethylene chamber bases to suit any chamber size. These are securely fitted to the bottom ring section of a chamber to provide a clean easy finish to the floor of the chamber. There is no requirement to 'float' a floor on site and the floor prevents vegetation and silt from entering.


Sump Base

Base section has a false floor with low-point for water to allow for drainage.

Meets the requirements of MCX 0815 for Motorway Communications.

Installation of an Ultima chamber

For more product videos, please visit the Video section

Ultima Connect clear opening sizes are created by combining the corner pieces. This can include one or more sidewall pieces to offer a greater number of sizes.

The corner pieces are referred to by the internal length on the long side. This dimension will be 80mm shorter than the stated length as this is made up in the short length of the ‘corner piece’.


Download our product size guide for more information on available sizes.

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