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Cubis is committed to sustainably, responsibly and ethically managing all aspects of our operations relating to all stakeholders. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility concepts have been embedded as integral components of Cubis' strategy.

Health and Safety

At Cubis we take Health and Safety extremely seriously and are committed to ensuring the safety of all employees, customers and members of the public.

Environment & Climate Change

Cubis' operations are certified to ISO 14001, an internationally recognised standard for Environmental Management.


Cubis is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, the system by which companies are directed and controlled.

People & Community

CUBIS supports community groups and is a Buisness Volunteer with Young Enterprise NI.

Sustainability in Action

Examples of sustainability actions throughout CRH & Cubis Systems

CRH Sustainability Report

CRH has placed sustainability at the heart of its strategy and business model and is committed to sustainability, responsibly and ethically managing all aspects of operations relating to stakeholders.