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Conductive Concrete

Conductive Concrete is a cementitious and carbonaceous material which is a proven solution in the prevention of infrastructural conductivity grounding difficulties, speeding up and improving the performance of cabinet earthing.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Grounding Qualities

  • Environmentally Safe

  • Electrolytic Corrosion Resistance

  • Cost Efficient Grounding

  • Easy to Install Anywhere

  • Reduces Opportunity for Theft

How It's Built

Conductive Concrete grounding electrodes are easily installed by spreading the dry powder in a strip over and around a conductor in a horizontal trench.

When the trench is refilled, Conductive Concrete absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil and hardens to become part of the grounding electrode.

Conductive Concrete Modular How Its Built

Surge Impedance

Technical Performance

  • Surge impedance is reduced by more than 50%.
  • The surge impedance of the Conductive Concrete electrode is particularly low during the first critical 0-0.1 µsec of the surge.
  • Fast response provides enhanced protection for sensitive equipment.
  • Significant advantage over other grounding methods.
Conductive Concrete Modular Surge Impedance

Ground Resistance

Technical Performance

  • Conductive Concrete electrode resistance is 60-70% lower than bare copper counterpoise wire.
  • Resistance of the 5m Conductive Concrete electrode is the same as the 20m long bare copper wire.
  • Ideal contact with the soil is achieved because Conductive Concrete conforms to the shape of the trench.
  • The effective surface area of the Conductive Concrete grounding electrode is about 25 times larger than the counterpoise wire.
Conductive Concrete Modular Ground Resistance
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