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NAL Retention Sockets and EV Charging Systems

The NAL range of retention sockets are developed to secure all types of illuminated and non-illuminated street furniture such as lighting, customer information screens, seating, CCTV, bollards and railings.

The retention socket system enables quick and easy installation for operatives, simplifying the removal of impacted furniture and future maintenance or changes required. NAL’s Universal EV range of products allows for ease of connection to a wide range of EV charges suitable to the installation application. The NAL EV range provides clients building new infrastructure the option to future-proof their builds with EV charging options.

Improving the installation of EV chargers and associated cabinets

NAL’s solutions have been developed, in alliance with market leaders, to guarantee a seamless installation and to provide a simple and cost-effective maintenance process thereafter. Designed to assist customers reduce carbon emissions - due to minimised concrete requirements - systems have been future-proofed to allow for advancements in technology; whilst planning for the unknown in terms of power and future capacity requirements.

Through innovation and expertise, we continue to collaborate with our customers to meet the rapidly increasing demand for EV Dispenser Units; required in response to Government plans to prohibit the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030.

Ev Charging Modular

Innovative solutions for Traffic Signals

NAL has created a fully ducted, positively connected system to revolutionise installation and maintenance within the Traffic Signals Industry whilst future-proofing to allow for replacements, upgrades and technological advancements.

Through collaboration and years of experience, we have manufactured a range of patented solutions developed to secure traffic signals and provide a superior cabling process.

Typically, the entire installation time is reduced by 50% compared to historical methods, and systems allow for a swift removal and straightforward addition of cables in the future. Civils works can be undertaken before cabling works to avoid conflicting time schedules, and solutions provide engineers with a safe and improved working height for installation and maintenance.

Traffic Signals Modular

Street Lighting

Transforming installation and maintenance processes, NAL’s patented range of solutions have been developed to secure all types of illuminated and non-illuminated street furniture. With shallow depth options available to afford an overall planting depth of 200-300mm, installation times are reduced by up to 50%, and all systems facilitate civils work completion, before the delivery of street furniture and allow for orientation changes once installed.

Manufactured to withstand unlimited impacts of any force, should any application incur damage due to collision, foundations are re-utilised and are fully future-proofed to accommodate upgrades. Subsequently, maintenance times are significantly reduced along with expenditure, as furniture is quickly removed and replaced with a key and spanner without requiring additional and costly excavation.

Street Lighting Modular


Established as market leaders with verified solutions within the highways sector, NAL has culminated in the development of fully ducted, modular cabinet foundations, that eliminate the requirement for a carcinogenic base seal and dramatically reduce cabling installation times. Quick to install compared to historical methods, our foundations improve contractors safety, minimise site visits required for all minor structure installations and reduce the prerequisite for wet concrete - eradicating associated inconvenience and cost.

Motorways Modular


Resulting from client collaboration with renowned market leaders whilst developing EV solutions, NAL has developed a range of systems to positively impact cost and time implications during the installation and maintenance of forecourt equipment whilst providing a liquid-tight seal within hazard zones. Utilised for applications including pump protection bollards, systems are also highly beneficial when installing and maintaining apparatus, traditionally direct buried around the forecourt.

Forecourts Modular
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