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Collaboration & Engagement

At Cubis Systems, we understand the significant positive impact that comes from collaboration and partnerships as a means of driving best practice within our industry and the wider society. We can achieve so much more when we collaborate with others. We are involved in multiple innovative collaborations, both internally and externally, to develop the sustainable products of the future and build on our sustainable business strategy.

Developing external partnerships

Utilising external knowledge

Cubis Systems partners with various external universities and testing houses to carry out product testing and research projects to ensure that our products are of the highest standards and drive up industry standards.

Product Certification

While we have a range of in-house testing facilities, we use third party test houses to verify our findings. By carrying out these tests, we strive to improve standards for both our customers and the industry as a whole allowing us deliver our products to the market with confidence.


Cubis Systems works in collaboration with universities in knowledge transfer projects with undergraduates allowing us to focus attention on new, innovative solutions, in addition to exploring new market opportunities.

Partnering with trade bodies

Cubis Systems is a member of a number of trade associations and industry organisations that lobby for the benefit of the industry. Membership of these associations keeps us up to date on industry trends and changes. Collaborative R&D projects drive the collective industry development enabling us to create innovative solutions that improve the whole industry. We also have employee representatives on a number of National Standard committees acting on behalf of our industry. These expert committee members ensure the highest product standards are insisted upon and achieved across our industry.

Giving back

Cubis Systems partners with Samaritans to provide vital funding and support through fundraising and corporate donations. Samaritans is a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Throughout the year we will work with Samaritans to offer our staff a range of unique fundraising and volunteering opportunities to inspire them to get involved in the charitable work, be there for anyone struggling to cope and give back to the local community.

Capitalising on our internal resources

The global footprint of our parent company CRH spans 32 countries, with 3,600 operating locations, employing more than 87,000 employees. Between us that’s more than 2 million years of combined experience and knowledge. Unleashing the potential of shared knowledge across the operating companies is a strategic goal of CRH. By working together, creating synergies and collaborating on projects we can capitalise on our size to provide our customers with innovative building solutions that meet their evolving needs and help deliver a more sustainable environment and become the leading building materials business in the world.

Engaging with our local communities

It is important to Cubis Systems that we are embedded within the local communities surrounding our company locations. We strive to promote positive community relations with our neighbours to ensure we better understand their needs and concerns where relevant. We support local economic development through our provision of employment. We collaborate with our local communities and contribute to their development through our apprenticeship scheme and graduate programme, which offer opportunities for development and hands-on experience.