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Light Rail

Cubis works with some of the largest network operators in Europe to provide systems for telecoms & GSM, drainage and signalling & power.

In addition to our unrivalled range of access chambers and covers, Cubis also manufacture MULTIduct™, a multiple duct bank system available in three sizes for constructing UTX and URX crossings. This system has been used on both Manchester and Nottingham Tram in the UK. Our recessed cover range offers customers the opportunity to fill the recessed covers with any material to suit the surrounding area allowing for greater visual apperacne and the ability to blend in with the current street character.

 Cubis has Link-up approval for working directly for Network Rail. Supplier ID: 26055.

Light Rail Products

Composite Cover Tram (1)

Telecommunications Access (FTN)

Cubis’ Fixed Telecom Network system offers rail contractors the ability to quickly, safely and economically construct Fibre Joint Bays.

Telecommunications Access (FTN)
108 - Manchester Metrolink - Airport Line, MULTIduct Linear Route - 003.JPG

Buried & Linear Cable Routes

Cubis’ Buried Cable Routes and linear cable duct system are Network Rail approved products used to bury and manage trackside cables.

Buried & Linear Cable Routes
108 - Manchester Metrolink - Airport Line, MULTIduct Linear Route - 019.JPG

Under Track Crossing (UTX)

Under track, under road and bridge crossings can be quickly and safely constructed using MULTIduct™, a duct bank system with 4, 6 or 9 way options that can also be combined to form multiple duct banks.

Under Track Crossing (UTX)