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PROtrough is an innovative, lightweight, fire retardant cable trough system that offers a modern alternative to traditional concrete trough systems for rail, light rail and power markets when easily deployed and accessible cable management systems are required. PROtrough is a GRP cable management trough that has been designed to comply with all European fire retardant specifications, including those for tunnels and stations.


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  • Quick Assembly with One Click Connection System:
    PROtrough offers simple slide and drop male to female connectivity with a unique one click interlocking cover and sliding mechanism.
  •  Lightweight – 5 times lighter than concrete:
    Weighing under 20kg PROtrough offers significant health and safety advantages over traditional concrete troughing systems that can weigh over 90kg. PROtrough is suitable for single person lift and install, enabling compliance with manual handling regulations. Being lightweight and easy to deploy results in considerable project time and cost savings.
  • Custom Badging and Locking Options:
    Custom badging options available to allow for personal identification. PROtrough units can be secured against the threat of vandalism or theft with specialist security bolts.
  • Unique Cover for Backfill Ingress Protection and Water Run Off
    PROtrough’s distinctive tread pattern and concave shape increases natural water runoff preventing the build-up of ice. The uniquely designed cover ensures no material ingress when access is required.
  • Optimum Rib Design for Vertical Loading:
    PROtrough has been designed with optimum sidewall strength performance to ensure minimal flex when back filled. PROtrough meets the vertical load class of A15 set by EN124
  • Optional Divider Panels:
    A cable divider panel enables multiple services to be contained and run alongside
    one another.
  • Water Drainage:
    Moulded slots within the base of the PROtrough unit allow for natural drainage of water into the ground below.
  • Chemical Resistance:
    GRP outperforms traditional construction methods for chemical resistance during its buried life, resulting in a product that offers longer installed life.
  • Integrated Panduit Cable Ties:
    Panduit cable ties offer cable management and security of the cables within the PROtrough unit.
  • Linear Ballast Anchor Points / Multi Point Handle Grip:
    Linear ballast anchor points secure the PROtrough unit into the surrounding material, meaning units are not displaced by the velocity of passing trains or vehicles. Multi point handle
    grips provide easy grab positions for installers to make manual handling simpler.
  • Smooth Internal Walls
    PROtrough’s unique smooth internal walls allows for easier cable pulling and no sharp edges for cable damage and greater water drainage.
  • Fire Retardant
    PROtrough is a GRP cable management trough that has been designed to comply with all European fire retardant specifications, including those for tunnels and stations.

PROtrough is commonly used for the following applications:

Rail/Light Rail

  • PROtrough has been designed to be lightweight and comply with major rail fire retardancy specifications for tunnels and stations. Other alternative lightweight thermoplastic troughing systems are not able to achieve these fire standards. This unique combination of light weight and fire retardancy makes PROtrough the ideal solution for modern rail, station and tunnelling projects. An extensive range of adaptable accessories have been designed to enable a high degree of flexibility, ease of access and seamless integration with other Cubis access chamber and cable protection products.

Power & Energy

  • PROtrough has been designed to have no restriction on cable ambient operating temperatures and to eliminate the common heat distortion and thermal expansion issues associated with thermoplastic troughing systems. A cable divder panel enables multiple services to run alongside one another.
  • PROtrough is modular and lightweight which enables convenient product deployment and installation throughout complex power and energy facilities.

PROtrough cable protection system has an extensive range of flexible accessories that enables the system to deal with tight turns, elevations, natural curvature and other obstacles.

200mm Adaptors:

PROtrough’s unique adaptor system enables male to male, female to female connection with the added flexibility to easily install unit sections in the opposite direction.


The PROtrough wedge has been designed to assist in any curvature needed within specified cable routes. The unique one click assembly of the wedge units can be adjusted to turn either right or left to accommodate a 1.5 meter bend radius.

30° Elevation Connection System:

PROtorugh’s elevation connection system is designed to deal with abrupt changes in elevation in scenarios such as:

  • On site obstacles
  • Unique surface level connection to elevated troughing system
  • Embankment install

Junction Box:

PROtorugh’s truly unique junction box is a first within the troughing market. The junction box brings flexibility and adjustability to allow a 5 way inlet and outlet to cable routes and individual customer needs.

PROtrough is manufactured in Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP).

Benefits of GRP:

  • High strength to weight ratio
    The material is significantly lighter than other conventional materials that can provide the same inherent strength.
  • High temperature range
    GRP is a thermoset material, meaning that it irreversibly cures when heated. As a result, GRP will not melt, drip or form molten droplets.
  • Fire retardancy
    MM RAILduct™ won't catch fire and has low smoke properties. This means the product can be used in enclosed areas such as tunnels and underground transport.
  • High mechanical properties
    The material is non-conductive, has a low coefficient of expansion and is resistant to weathering. GRP possess high tensile and bending strengths combined with high stiffness. The material is superior in mechanical strength properties compared to those of commodity thermoplastics such as the Polypropylene and the Polyethylene family.
  • Chemical resistance
    GRP is chemically inert, which means it is not chemically reactive. Its high chemical resistant nature is essential for ensuring a long service life when buried underground. GRP is not affected by frost, acids, alkalis or diesel, all of which will affect the lifespan of concrete products.
  • Not susceptible to creep
    Creep is the tendency of a solid material to permanently deform under continuous or long term loading or mechanical stresses. 

Product Profile

  • Weight: 17.7 kg (total)
  • Width: 305mm
  • Height: 205mm
  • Length: 1036 mm
  • Material: GRP

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