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IMG 4722.JPG Water Meter Chamber Installation: Parc du Mercantour, France

Roubion; a remote village situated high up in Alpes Maritimes in France has been subject to an exciting water chamber installation in which an oversiz

Amey 2 A77 Average Speed Cameras: Conductive Concrete

A trial of Cubis' proven grounding solution, Conductive Concrete used in this instance to earth the power supply feeder pillars of speed cameras.

DSC00346.JPG Rose Ghyll Trackside Drainage: Mayport, Cumbria

A specialist engineering project led by Story Contracting Ltd., has seen the introduction of Cubis' innovative drainage product; the FLEXI Pit, instal

Flexi Pit Web (2.1) Doncaster: FLEXI Pit Drainage Catchpit Install

The Department for Transport started an initiative known as the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) in 2005, formed  to assess and consider the replacem

SAM 1252-min.JPG Juniper Green, Edinburgh: CityFibre ULTIMA Installation

The City of Edinburgh has recently been subject to an ongoing telecommunications network upgrade initiative led by CityFibre.

179 - Morgan Sinall - Colas Rail - Pontypridd Station - UK - Rail (2) Pontypridd Station Renovations: RAILduct™ Installation

The £24m re-development scheme transformation of the Grade 2 listed Pontypridd station in South Wales using RAILduct™ Cable Trough.

SAM 3279 Conductive Concrete Install, Lurgan - BT Openreach

Conductive Concrete install as part of BT's Openreach NGA (Next Generation Access) project being rolled out to enhance fibre networks across the UK.

182 - Balfour Beatty - Careys - ULTIMA Connect - UK - Power Distribution (8).JPG London Olympic Stadium Redevelopment: ULTIMA Connect

The installation of ULTIMA Connect System chambers for large high-voltage power cables in line with construction required for the 2012 Olympic Games.

091 - Worcester CC - MULTIduct Crossing - UK - 013 (1).JPG Worchester City Council Under Road Crossing: MULTIduct™

Worcester City Council under-road crossing installation using MULTIduct™ cable trough, MODULA chamber and AX-S™ Composite cover.

087 - Sitel - Bridge Crossing - Czech Republic - 001.JPG Bridge Crossing Czech Republic: MULTIduct™

The installation of the MULTIduct™ system for a bridge crossing in partnership with Sitel in the Czech Republic

P1020359.JPG Toolbox Talks: Conductive Concrete Retrospective Install, BT Openreach

A retrospective installation demo of Cubis SAN-EARTH Conductive Concrete as part of BT's Openreach NGA (Next Generation Access) project.

098 - EDF Energy - West Burton Power Station Access Covers - UK - Power - 001.JPG West Burton Power Station (EDF Energy): AX-S™ Concrete Covers & ULTIMA Chambers

Installation of bespoke AX-S™ Concrete covers and ULTIMA Chambers for the West Burton Power Station.