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CUBIS Systems specialise in the development, manufacture and distribution of cable pit systems and cable ducting products.  

As a global innovation leader in our field, CUBIS have designed and manufactured a complete network access systems range to meet leading Authority and industry standards for Telecommunications, Communications and Electrical applications.

CUBIS Systems are a proud Telstra approved supplier, a commitment spanning over 30 years, as well as a selected supplier to the NBN and other Broadband networks.

CUBIS provide the complete network access systems solution, meeting all levels of load rating standards, SCEC security requirements, differing State regulations, cable organisation and corresponding access pit covers and accessories.

Our extensive range of network access system products includes:

Cable Pits

  • STAKKAbox™modular systems
  • CUBIS precast concrete
  • MONObox™ rotationally moulded plastics

Cable Troughing & Protection

  • MULTIduct™
  • RAILduct™

AX-S™ Cable Pit Covers

  • Galvanised mild steel
  • Cast (ductile) iron
  • Selected plastic and composite designs
  • SCEC endorsed locking mechanisms, high security

X-TRAS™ Cable Pit Accessories

CUBIS SAN-EARTH Conductive Concrete

With an in-house team of engineers and designers, CUBIS Systems provide the expertise required for any custom network access systems project. 

View our extensive product range for network access systems under Products or you can download the full Telecommunications Catalogue. Alternatively, contact our team for any custom project inquiries.