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MULTIduct™ is a multiple duct system, used for constructing underground ducting systems for both underground and above ground services in lieu of standard conduit.

Duct banks are built by connecting MULTIduct™ sections, either by a steel clip or a push-fit system with a wide range accessories that offer flexibility in construction.

MULTIduct™ is manufactured from Nitrogen foamed-High Density Polyethylene. This offers high strength-to-weight properties, resulting in products that have high crush resistance but can be lifted by a single person (all parts are below 25kg).

MULTIduct™ has held long-standing approvals from national rail operators and has been installed in other applications across the world for more than 30 years.



MULTIduct™ 4, 6, 9 Way

MULTIduct™ 4, 6, 9 Way

Lightweight, strong, flexible duct system for both under and above ground project applications.

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