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Customised Cable Pits

With over 30 years’ experience in cable pit manufacture and supply, CUBIS Systems have the expertise required for your customized network access project.

CUBIS have designed and manufactured large bespoke cable pits, utilising our STAKKAbox™ range to provide innovative solutions for a number of high-profile construction projects including power stations, sports stadiums and city center redevelopments. The CUBIS STAKKAbox™ cable pit range can be utilised to accommodate high voltage joints and turns, large water valves or any other utility enclosure. All cable pits are fast and easy to install, flexible to adapt in production and on site and will have a much longer life than pits installed using traditional methods.

To date, the largest STAKKAbox™ cable pit size produced is 6m x 3m with a depth of 2.8m and the only restriction on even larger cable pits are transportation difficulties created by the substantial dimensions. Due to the cut and bolt manufacturing process, any increment in clear opening and depth is possible.

CUBIS Systems specialise in engineering, manufacture and supply of customized precast concrete cable pits and access covers. All CUBIS BVCI™ precast concrete cable pit and cover products are designed and manufactured to meet leading Authority and industry standards for Telecommunications, Communications, Defence and Electrical applications.  

BVCI™ precast concrete cable pits are designed to meet all levels of load rating standards, SCEC security requirements, differing State regulations, cable organization and provide corresponding access pit covers and accessories. CUBIS’ precast concrete cable pit products are manufactured using 40Mpa strength concrete and are fully steel mesh and bar reinforced; include Unistrut for cable hanging and conduit knock-outs.

Ultima Connect

Ultima Connect

Stackable access pit sections, suitable for installation across a wide range of pit projects.

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